Who we are

A company based in Novara, specialising in naval furnishings and pleasure boats.

CSW's partner CY constructs and assembles naval furnishings on yachts and other high-end boats.

Our company can solve any problem concerning a boat's interior furnishings, from repairing or replacing wooden parts and upholstery, to modifying the existing compartments and cabins, to restoring damage to furniture lacquer.

CSW's partner CY specialises in refitting wooden parts (undertaking multiple interventions and achieving high-quality results by operating directly at client sites), teak flooring, installing mechanical and electrical locks, and coating doors with PVC film, wood and metal.

As well as interiors, the company also manufactures boat decks and fibreglass, iron and aluminium hulls, from compartmentalisation to finishing, guaranteeing expert, precise and high-quality work.

CSW's partner CY also operates in the field of furnishings made to measure from scratch, for public and private environments, both internal and external: constructing wardrobes, kitchens, bedrooms, stairs and mezzanines in wood and metal, doors and fixtures, ceilings, curtains, carpeting and parquet.


CSW's partner CY boasts a solid and close-knit working group and a highly qualified staff who work with reliability, technical expertise and dedication.

Their results clearly demonstrate skill gained through experience, while our reliability and punctual compliance with delivery times make us highly dependable.

Thanks to these skills, the quantity and above all the quality our company offers on the market, we have been able to expand in Italy, Europe and even worldwide.

Our offices

Come and visit our company at Via Agnelli 3 to get to know our technical, purchasing and administrative team and see our specialised technicians at work.

Construct Ship World srl

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28060 – S. Pietro Mosezzo (NO)
P.Iva 02453380038

Construct Yacht srl

Via S. Agnelli, 3
28060 – S. Pietro Mosezzo (NO)
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