The experience in the sector allows us to be able to use and work with multiple raw materials.

The works of Construct Ship world S.r.l and Construct yacht S.r.l., both for the naval and civil sectors, mainly include the outfitting and furnishing of interiors and public areas.

The design

The company's technical office is dedicated to researching and designing custom-made furnishings and/or accessories, and choosing raw materials, from the shapes to colour combinations, to create technical drawings and computer graphics ready for transformation into the final completed work.


By collaborating with the main raw material suppliers, we are able to provide the finished material and the installation. All the company's staff ensure that no detail is neglected, in order to optimise the work and customer satisfaction at every stage.

Preparing samples and mock-ups

At the client's request, mock-ups are also prepared on-site as parts of structures or elements which require greater technical detail, or of entire areas (e.g. in the naval sector, for series of cabins, furnishings or specific parts to be precisely replicated).

Installation and preparation

We install walls, ceilings and false ceilings, assemble furnishings and accessories, create support and reinforcement structures, and carry out additional processes such as modifications to work in progress when instructed by the client.

Maintenance and repairs

If necessary, our staff perform maintenance and repair on non-compliance due to third parties, and resolve any anomalies due to wear or tampering. When working in public areas, the focus is on the need to be ready and operational once the work is completed.

Dismantling and demolishing pre-existing parts

At the client's request and if necessary, a team of demolition workers will dismantle entire areas or individual structures, ensuring they are completely broken down and made safe.

Refitting/renovating individual areas or entire sections

Our highly qualified staff consistently handle the entire work flow, including in situations where time is of the essence, with the option of inserting new units to rapidly complete priority work such as refitting or when renovating individual areas or entire sections.

The workshop

The core business of Construct Ship World S.r.l. and Construct Yacht S.r.l. is
prefabricating and producing furnishings and structures. Our workforce of specialised technicians uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee the quality of production, constantly monitored through our own quality control system, allowing us to easily produce larger products and work simultaneously on multiple orders.

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